Munin Agri

Munin Agri gives you a wide array of sensors and applications to continuously monitor the state of your agricultural exploitations. Affordable, managed and easy to deploy, Munin Agri is the answer when you want to focus on your agricultural data.

We keep adding new features like overlay satellite imagery, logs for lab soil samples, and more. Talk to us to discover the product roadmap and let us know your particular needs.

Increase yields

Precision agriculture helps increase yields up to 25%

Reduce costs

Lower water usage and improve fertilizer effectiveness

Stop diseases

Better irrigation control leads to reduction in diseases

Better quality

Improved and uniform quality thanks to high-resolution sensors

High-resolution in-situ data, finally affordable

Deploy hundreds of units over one or multiple exploitations

Our sensor units are orders of magnitude more affordable than traditional research units. Instead of having one point of data, you can have hundreds. Finally you can understand the variability in your fields.

Affordable connectivity, anywhere

Our satellite network keeps you connected, no matter where you are. Say goodbye to cellular network problems. Your data will be with you in less than 3 hours from the moment of sensing.

Know your farm better than ever

Today we offer sensors for temperature and humidity of soil and environment, solar exposure, rainfall, and meteorological conditions. We keep adding sensors, which you can later add to your sensor unit without frills.

Not only sensors

Overlay satellite imagery on top of your high-resolution sensor data for a better picture. Coming soon.

Hardware as flexible as software

Interchangeable sensors

Swap sensors as we modernize them. Simply pull the old one and plug in the new one. Done!

Up to 5 sensors and 12 metrics per device

Connect up to 5 sensors per device to obtain 5 to 12 measurements per sensor unit.

Change behaviors with one click

Change parameters such as calibrations and sampling interval directly from your dashboard.

Durable and easy to install

Solar powered, eternally online

Small solar panels keep your devices powered. No need to carry power or batteries around the field.

Easy to install

Visual markings in every port make the units extremely easy to install. The Munin Install App also guides you through the process and allows you to geotag the sensors without effort.

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