Munin Agriculture

Make the best out of your plantation thanks to continuous space-powered insights

Increase Yields

Increase your production by up to 20%

Reduce Costs

Save water and fertilizer thanks to continuous per-sector information

Stop Diseases

Early warning of diseases and pest outbreaks to help you mitigate them before significant damage

Daily insights from satellite imagery

We get daily insights to your inbox thanks to satellite imagery from multiple providers.

Get daily updates on:

  • Yield prediction zones
  • Pest warnings
  • Water and nutrient anomalies … and more!

Smart plantation

For those places that need more attention, our space-connected IoT devices augment satellite imagery insights with in-situ sensors like soil moisture, NPK nutrients, temperature, or even pictures.

We integrate with the major vendors of irrigation and fertilization systems, so you can automate regular operations based on your plantation’s data.

From planning to harvesting

Go beyond crop management and use our continuous data for a more sustainable, efficient, and productive agriculture at every step of the crop cycle:

  • Productivity analysis
  • Management zone delineation
  • Soil preparation
  • Harvest planning

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