Messaging & Tracking

The simplest true global messaging & tracking solution in the market.
Asset tracking

Track heavy machinery, trucks, ships, buoys, etc.

Emergency comms

Get in touch with crews at sea, desert, or any remote location.


Trace food and waste as part of your sustainability efforts.

Disaster recovery

Communicate with first responders during the critical first 72 hours post-disaster.

Stay connected anywhere

Whether at sea, deep in the jungle, or in the desert, stay connected with Munin.


Send free-form messages between entities in your organization or to mobile phones via SMS


Periodic location reports anywhere in the world, even if there is no cell coverage

As simple as a chat app

Field users communicate among themselves and with your central offices via a simple chat app. Zero setup to start messaging.

Customize your app to meet your needs

Implement custom forms to meet your applications, e.g. harvest reports, maintenance tickets, status reports, etc.

Endless autonomy with solar charging

Munin devices are equipped with enough battery for 1 day of communications, and can be solar charged or powered by additional battery packs.

Long autonomy - low consumption

Charge the internal battery with solar power or with an external battery. Total autonomy in your hands.

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